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Проект уроку для розвитку мовленнєвих навичок з теми «London»

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A Sightseeing Tour around London

Objectives: - to develop communicative approach in speaking;
- to develop listening, reading, writing skills;
- to encourage interest to the trip abroad;
- to learn more about the UK.
Equipment: a map of London, postcards with sights of London, a cassette, a video film.


I. Instruction

T: Dear friends, today we are going to make an imaginary trip abroad. You have read a lot and learned a lot about Great Britain. Let’s repeat what we have learned about the UK at our previous lessons. Our knowledge will be our entry permit to this country.

II. Warming-up
Slide 1
(Students choose cards with questions about the UK and work in turn at the map answering them).

1. Where is Great Britain situated?
2. What islands do the British Isles consist of?
3. What is Great Britain washed up?
4. What parts does Great Britain consist of?
5. What parts does the United Kingdom consist of?
6. What is the capital of Scotland?
7. What is the capital of England?
8. What is the capital of Wales?
9. What is the capital of Northern Ireland?
10. What is the smallest part of the country?
11. What is the biggest part of the country?
12. What river does London stand on?
13. What is the longest river of great Britain?
14. What is the highest mountain of Great Britain?
15. What is the largest lake of the country?
16. What parts of the country are mountainous?
17. What parts of the country are flat?
18. What biggest cities of Great Britain do you know?

T: So, children, you are allowed to visit this country. You are awarded a 5-day tour around a city. But what city will you go to? Listen to the cassette and guess the name of the city. (Project 2, Issue 6, item 2, p.68).

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