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Проект уроку для розвитку навичок читання, мовлення та аудіювання з теми «Literature of the Wartime»

Категорія: Навігація / Скриня педагогічних думок / Іноземні мови

Literature of the wartime.

The First World War gave the consciousness an understanding of the tragic destinies of the human personality .The process supported the blossoming of critical realism had become. The literature of this period is connected with the life of people, with the development of economical and social idea in different countries.

The strengthening of the critical realistic tendencies goes parallel with very complicated process of modernism influence.

The literature of critical realism is rich and full of variety. The realists were different in their philosophic, social and political outlooks. But their understanding of human problems, democracy and humanism united them.

Graham Greene is, perhaps, the most interesting and most complicated English novelist writer today. His novels deal with real-life burning problems. Green’s observations are concentrated on the actual details of poverty and misery. In his novels Greene gives a deep psychological analysis of crime and murder, he shows the struggle against evil. For example, his “The Quiet American’ deals with the imperialist war waged by the French colonizers against Vietnamese people, who were fighting for their independence. Green’s works are interesting for realistic description, deep examining of characters, firmness, vitality and economy of style.

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